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Paola, or better known as Rahal Gdid, is renowned for the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, its large parish church dedicated to Christ the King and its beautiful square with various shops. The archaeological complex of the Tarxien Temples are also next to Paola’s border.

During the past few years, Paola has become the leading commercial centre in the south of Malta with various local and international brands choosing this commercial hub to open their stores. Apart from retail shops, one can also find various other shopping and entertainment locations, from cafeterias, bars and gaming parlours.

It is an arterial centre less than 5Km away from Malta’s Capital City Valletta and 4Km away from the three cities. This makes Paola ideal for those who want to stop for a short walk, a visit to a heritage site or spend some time having a snack or doing some shopping.

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